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Meet Katrena

Entrepreneur | #1 Best-Selling Author of 4 books |  Motivational Speaker


I am absolutely thrilled to be able to introduce you to some who I have had the privilege of working with on my own journey.  Katrena Friel is an international expert in developing performance excellence, and is the Queen of Transformation, learning and fun!!  Working with Katrena is nothing short of amazing – something I highly recommend to anyone who dares to aim for excellence in what they do!

Ingrid Bayer


About Katrena

Katrena is an international keynote speaker, fully qualified corporate trainer, executive coach, award winning author and business mentor.


Katrena's energy and expressive approach will energise and challenge behaviours, beliefs and thinking.


Known for her practical, pragmatic approach, she has been described as highly dynamic, spirited and empathic.


Katrena is an expert in personal and professional development, helping people escape their current thinking in an express format.  With people reporting that they learnt more about themselves and others, than they have in the last 20 years.


Katrena will enable you to have a giant leap forward in your evolution and ensure you become an expert in your field of excellence.


Her aim is to INSPIRE – ALIGN – ACTIVATE.  You will walk away feeling refreshed, empowered, confident that you have a new deep understanding of your capability, more assured around how to add more value and guarantee your future, with an increased sense of self belief and self value.


For those companies that value honesty, growth, credibility, expertise, experience and authenticity, then Katrena will FLICK the SWITCH ON ENGAGEMENT.

IMG_5912 wked low res.jpg
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